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We are a federation of the Building Owners and Managers Association International in Washington, DC.  BOMA-CWV serves North & South Carolina and West Virginia.

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 Team Sponsorship

Four participants on a team 
Sponsor responsible for filling team - $350

 Team Sponsorship with Stand Sponsorship

Four participants on a team
ompany logo on signage at a stand - $500

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Lunch Sponsorship - SOLD



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Clay Target Sponsor - SOLD
Scorecard Sponsorship - SOLD
Shotgun Shell Sponsor - SOLD
After - Shoot Drink Sponsorship Company logo on signage at the beverage area
Recognition on the BOMA Greater Charlotte website
Stand Sponsorship

Company logo on signage at the stand - $250

Individual Shooter

Individual tickets - $100 each - register here

The Fork Farm is roughly 60 miles from downtown Charlotte,
drive time is roughly an hour and fifteen minutes. 

Please plan accordingly – we will have some signage on the roads as you
get closer to the venue leading to and through downtown Norwood, NC.

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Pre-Paid Luncheons

The pre-paid luncheon package includes 5 luncheons at $35 each (does not include the
holiday party). If purchasing a package, please continue to register for each program so
we can include you in the final count. Thank you.